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3D printing with metal solution by Eplus3D drives 35% growth in BIOPROTECE S.A.’s market share. 

BIOPROTECE S.A., with over 25 years of experience, is a leading manufacturer of orthopedic implants in Argentina. In 2013, the growing demand for custom implants exposed the limitations of traditional CNC machining—slow and expensive. Manuel Nelson, director of the 3D printing division, emphasized the inefficiency of stopping machines for days to reprogram them to make custom parts, which was not acceptable for urgent medical needs. 

To face these challenges, BIOPROTECE S.A. chose to cooperate with Eplus3D, a manufacturer of industrial 3D printers, and purchased the EP-M260 printer, which significantly improved the speed and efficiency of production. Simple implants such as Temporomandibular Joint Reconstructions, which previously took a week to produce, could now be delivered overnight. This turn made BIOPROTECE S.A. the fastest custom implant manufacturer in Argentina. 

The implementation of 3D printing technology with metal allowed BIOPROTECE S.A. to increase its market share by 35%. Currently, 30% of their implants are manufactured using 3D printing, which has drastically reduced response times for emergency implants. 

To meet the growing demand and to diversify materials, BIOPROTECE S.A. plans to purchase another printer, most likely an EP-M260 or EP-M150, in 2024 to handle requests for components made from alternative materials that require outsourcing, thus reducing logistical challenges. 

The adoption of metal 3D printing has revolutionized the activities of BIOPROTECE S.A., increased market share, and set a new industry standard for innovation and efficiency in orthopedic implants. Their ongoing collaboration with Eplus3D underscores their commitment to providing quality and innovative solutions for healthcare. 

Implants printed by BIOPROTECE S.A. with EP-M260

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