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The innovative SPR-Pathfinder® represents a groundbreaking solution for the complete automated cleaning of laser-melted metal parts. This software utilizes the CAD file of the manufacturing job to compute the optimal sequence for powder removal from intricate internal structures. The calculations are algorithm-based and reference the digital twin of the component. Developed in collaboration with Siemens, this software is capable of calculating the motion sequence for the entire manufacturing job, even when different parts are present on a single build plate.
Discover the Advantages of Automated Powder Removal with SPR-Pathfinder®

•Enhanced part cleanliness, especially with intricate internal geometries.

•Substantial time savings compared to manual programming

•Fully automated, serial cleaning for 3D printed parts.

•Effortless operation with automatic calculation, eliminating the need for human programming

•Simultaneous calculation for multiple parts on a single build plate.


SPR-Pathfinder® Software

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