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UnionTech is a leader in the field of light curing technology. With a large domestic users and wide use in the field of aerospace, electronics and electrical appliances, dental care, cultural and creative, education, footwear, construction as well as other industries, UnionTech continues to be a leader as an industrial 3D printing technology solution provider.

With a wide industry influence and brand awareness in the field of 3D printing, UnionTech Established in 2000, has been in the fore front of 3D additive technology in China. Today it holds a very large market share and user groups engaged in light curing 3D print technology (Stereo Lithography). Since 2000, at the beginning of 3D print technology to today UnionTech remains committed to its clients and offering light-curing technology industrial solutions.

UnionTech π200

EvoDent E140

UnionTech EvoDent S300

Cute 380

Cute 300

RSPro 2100

RSPro 1400

RSPro 800

RSPro 600

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