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Polymer Materials

3D print technology had a lot to offer the industry in terms of new materials and innovative production methods.

Recently Evonik, a world raw material giant and UnionTec, jointed in an effort to develop a photopolymer material used in DLP printers, leveraging their use into many different industrial applications.

INFINAM® RG3103 is just one of the high-performance 3D photosensitive print resins developed by Evonik. INFINAM® RG 3103 L poses excellent mechanical properties and superb surface quality, resistance to thermal deformation and stability.

It is suitable to replace injection-mold plastic parts in electronics, automobile, aerospace, medical and a wide variety of industrial products. Its properties make it suitable for direct parts manufacturing like high precision industrial components, assembly parts, component housing and electronic connectors.

UnionTech recommends the Cute300, industrial DLP printer, with INFINAM® RG3103, assuring good 3D print results.

DLP Photosensitive resin materials present a technical challenge, possessing heat resistance while maintaining good mechanical properties.

INFINAM® RG 3103 L has excellent thermal stability with heat distortion of 800c while maintaining mechanical characteristics, like 50-60 MPa and Notched impact strength of 40-50 J/m and elongation of 25-35%.

INFINAM® RG 3103 L has excellent resistance to weather maintaining environmental and mechanical stability, stable elongation at break and notched impact, even after 800 outdoor exposure hours. Its outstanding aging, fatigue and temperature resistance is maintained for 8 years of indoor aging conditions while toughness remains steady above 90%.

The Cute300 and INFINAM® RG3103 L combination offers an efficient, fast, low volume, high performance DLP printing solution.

Electronic Applications

INFINAM® RG3103 offers an excellent solution for small batches of customized complex product such as in computers, air conditioners, phone casting, general household appliances and connectors.

Automobile Industry

No longer 3D print technology is limited to automotive parts prototyping. The recent evolution within the automotive industry and the growing popularity of electrical cars, calls for the use of lightweight and small scall production of auto components and parts. Cute300 and INFINAM® RG 3103 L can be an ideal manufacturing solution for non-safety connectors, interior and exterior trim components, grills, instrument front cover and automotive pillars.

Consumer goods

3D printing technology has a lot to offer to the industrial consumer goods market. Parts made of INFINAM® RG 3103 L are ideal for use as bicycle parts, glasses frames, robots, drone parts, cosmetics products packaging solutions and more.

The availability of high-performance photosensitive polymers with improved accuracy, durability and high environmental resistance, positions the light curing 3D print technology in the fore front of 3D manufacturing solutions.

UnionTech and Evonik research and development teams are committed to develop and improve new 3D material for 3D printing and assist the additive manufacturing industry to make the impossible – possible by continuously introducing new solutions to the growing 3D additive industry.

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