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Revolutionizing Production with F-NIS silicone 3D printer presented by Sygnis

Revolutionizing Production with F-NIS silicone 3D printer

The F-NIS’s seamless integration of silicone 3D printing with metal elements revolutionizes production lines, enhancing the reliability and longevity of suction cups. This innovative technology offers significant benefits to the industry.

Testing with robotic arms has shown that bellows and calyx suction cups excel in modern production environments, meeting dynamic challenges with unmatched efficiency. This advancement propels soft robotics in manufacturing, promising greater precision and adaptability.

F-NIS technology stands out for its compatibility with a wide range of silicone materials, offering manufacturers the flexibility to choose silicone types that precisely match their production requirements. This adaptability enhances the functionality of suction cups and ensures peak performance across various applications.

Beyond improved suction cup performance, F-NIS technology streamlines production processes, reducing the need for traditional adhesives and assembly parts, and significantly boosting overall efficiency. It also allows manufacturers to create custom molds and components tailored to their needs, reducing lead times and production costs.

Silicone 3D Printing on Diverse Surfaces

The F-NIS 23151 is an advanced 3D printing machine that enables the creation of silicone suction cups and more. It allows 3D printing directly onto metal components, ensuring robust and durable connections through material cross-linking. This breakthrough eliminates the need for traditional adhesives and assembly parts, ushering in a new era of production line efficiency.

Using silicone as a printable material offers tremendous opportunities due to its exceptional elasticity and resistance to various environmental conditions. With F-NIS, we can create not only suction cups but also intricate structures and mechanisms using this revolutionary material.


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