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UnionTech innovative 3D printers helps C-TECH Produce high quality aftermarket modified car parts

C-Tech is using UnionTech, 3D Additive solutions to gain a technological advantage by the transforming its design and manufacturing line into an efficient digital 3D production house. Using advance 3D printers, C-TECH is able to offer innovative design solutions to the professional automotive industry, while remaining competitive and profitable.

C-TECH is leveraging UnionTech 3D additive printing technology as a leader in the aftermarket Car Modification industry.

C-TECH, a Canadian car customization company specializing in the professional aftermarket Car Modification, is using UnionTech 3D additive manufacturing solution to quickly and efficiently manufacture small batch of complex customized car parts, while reducing costs.

Unfortunately, because of its market size, C-Tech is not able to benefit from using large scale traditional mold mass production methods. UnionTech 3D additive manufacturing printing solution overcomes these limitations and offers improved production stability and reliability of production. UnionTech 3D additive manufacturing solutions reduces long production and development times, high replacement costs, while offering fast, small batch customized production and improved customer experience.

A Customized part production example:

Figure 1: The modified part already finished and painted, placed on the front car bumper.

The challenge was to design and produce a complex air scoop, located on the highly curved surface of front car fender, where the size and angle of each blade is different in size and angle. Using UnionTech SLA additive printing technology, the part was produced and finished as if it was an originally manufactured, original car part.

Fast 3D prototyping

Figure 2: C-TECH Available modified body parts (marked in red).

The usual development cycle in creating such parts starts with the development and production of an expensive injection-mold. Next, the part is produced and tested whether it meets all design parameters. If the part fails then the process repeats itself, making the development stage long and expensive. Using 3D Print technology eliminates the costly injection-mold production and development costs, while cutting the production cycle from the average of at least 45 days to mere 1-7 days.

Another example of the benefit of UnionTech SLA additive printing technology is demonstrated In the F1 Shark Fin project. In order of improve the critical airflow of a car body and optimize the aerodynamic efficiency of the rear spoiler, a shark fin structure was created, properly directing the airflow on to the rear spoiler. The result is yet another proof of quick and efficient part design that took only 5 days, thanks to a reliable and optimized 3D additive technology production.

Figure 3: The modified grill, fitted onto the car rear window.

Cost reduction

With 3D additive manufacturing technology, there is no longer a need to manufacture expensive injecton-molds for part testing, instead, it is now possible to start with a scan of original part or start a new design. next, the newly scaned or designed part is 3D printed and it is ready for testing. This 3D additive production process allows for very quick and flexible customization, with minimal assembly and labor costs, while keeping material waste to a minimum.

Ultra-High accuracy

The RSPro 2100, three laser scanning additive manufacturing printing system, with a print volume of 2100mm X 700mm X 800mm, is capable of 3D printing very high-quality finished surface for large scale high precision parts. In addition, if offers carbon fiber reinforced recoater, automatic surface level control, closed loop control strategy and more.

Figure 4: UnionTech RSPRO 2100 3D Printing System.

The front and rear customized bumper fittings are 3D printed. The high-quality output and high precision output allows modified parts exact fitting just as the original car fitting, including exact fittings and screw holes to line up tightly to the original car body.

Figure 5: The 3D printed bumpers just as they come out of the printer.

The highly accurate and smooth finished IMAX8 modified car parts produced at C-TECH facilities.

Figure 6: The front and rear enclosures are installed successfully.

Transparent car parts

The wide variety of materials available for Union-Tech 3D printers includes fully transparent PMMA equivalent car parts suitable for internal car headlights. It is capable of electroplating and spraying and can replace the original automobile headlight.

Figure 7: Transperent 3D printed car parts.

Investment Casting

As a leading frontier in 3D additive manufacturing industry, Union-Tech is among the first to apply advanced SLA 3D printing technology in conjunction with traditional investment casting production methods. 3D investment casting option makes it possible to manufacture turbochargers and other metal casting engine parts via 3D print technology.

C-TECH is a professional aftermarket auto engineering, development and customization service with close ties to C-TECH since 2016 and is fully certified to provide OEM support for front end in the professional engineering and industry standards in the vehicle regulation, development, and verification. Harnessing multiple production methods from the digital design stage to the engineering development, and fully optimized 3D fabrication manufacturing, C-TECH is able to offer endless customized and advanced solutions to the professional aftermarket automobile industry. C-TECH commitment to timely synchronization of the after-market sales and looking ahead manufacturing technology assures fully product compliance and homogeneity of original parts.


Established in 2000 with its headquarters located in Shanghai, China, UnionTech is a leading solution provider in the 3D additive manufacturing technology worldwide. UnionTech is developing wide range of high-end, cost-effective AM manufacturing solutions in wide variety of industries. In 2017, UnionTech established a subsidiary in Darmstadt, Germany, geared to offer AM solutions to growing European industries. UnionTech is ready to meet the challenges of its customers and lead the way to a global success via innovative technologies.

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